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West Africa Takaful

At West Africa Takaful Ltd. (Gambia), our operations are fully in accordance with the Principles and Practices of Islamic Insurance (Takaful). The system of Islamic Insurance is based on the concept of Takaful which simply means Joint guarantee. The contract of Takaful as a business venture is based on the Islamic profit-sharing principle of al-Mudaraba.

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West Africa Takaful Gambia Ltd (Kairaba Avenue).jpg

10 Kairaba Ave, Serrekunda, The Gambia (HQ)

West Africa Takaful Gambia Ltd.jpg

Nelson Mandela St, Banjul, The Gambia (Banjul Branch)

West Africa Takaful Gambia Ltd (Brusubi)

Brusubi (Atlas Petrol Station), The Gambia (Brusubi Branch)

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